Air Conditioning Maintenance Specials

Are you tired of having to call an AC technician every time your air conditioning unit develops a problem in Shelby Township and Macomb County? Well, now you have a choice to free yourself from this nuisance. A/C Warehouse Michigan offers maintenance specials that not only save you hassle … but save you money as well.

With our maintenance specials, you can now maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, reduce your electric bill, minimize breakdowns and extend the life of your unit. All you have to do is give us a call at A/C Warehouse Michigan and schedule your 30 point inspection. With an inspection today, you can avoid spending heavily on repairs tomorrow.

Why Maintenance?

Every machine undergoes aging; and with its continuous use, wear and tear is unavoidable. The performance of your unit deteriorates over time. Do you know that changing the coolant of your machine periodically can extend its life expectancy considerably? Simple steps like changing filters and keeping compressors and evaporators clean go a long way in enhancing the performance of your unit. Regular maintenance is an absolute necessity in saving you money in the long run.

Without regular maintenance, your machine consumes more power, performs less efficiently and could break down altogether. It is extremely important that you choose an A/C Warehouse maintenance special, a true leader in HVAC industry in Shelby Township and Macomb County.

With Air Conditioning Maintenance Specials, you are assured to have quality service at a bargain.

For only $49.00, your 30 Point Inspection Includes:

  • Refilling of Freon Up to 2lbs*
  • Cleaning of Condenser Coils
  • Inspection of Blower Wheel
  • Inspection of Drain Pan
  • Inspection of Contactor Points
  • Inspection of Amps on Fan
  • Checking Spray Rust Inhibitor
  • Checking Spray Mold & Mildew Killer
  • Testing of Compressor Start
  • Checking Airflow Temperature
  • Inspection of Wire Connections
  • Checking Voltage
  • Inspection for Rust/Corrosion
  • Testing furnace Element
  • Checking Crankcase Heater
  • Lubricating Motors
  • Cleaning Air Filter
  • Testing Operating Pressures
  • Cleaning Drain Lines
  • Calibrating Thermostat
  • Testing of Safety Switch
  • Testing of Capacitors
  • Checking Amp Relays
  • Testing Reversing Valve
  • Testing Defrost Board
  • Testing Freon Metering Device
  • Checking Amps on Blower
  • Testing Safety Controls
  • Checking for Freon Leaks

(*up to an $80 value)

We also provide general maintenance and annual pre-season professional checkups. These are essential to ensure smooth functioning of your HVAC system. Our repair come to inspect your home HVAC unit, clean the duct network and immediately take care of anything that might disrupt proper functioning mid season.

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