What is Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning?

Mitsubishi Electric logoPeople around the world have been opting for split-zoning air conditioning and heat pumps for furnace and cooling solutions for quite some time now. Mitsubishi air conditioners are quiet, powerful and very easily installable. There are three components in our systems, viz, the indoor and outdoor units and a remote controller. The indoor and outdoor units just have to be mounted ensuring they connect the refrigerant lines. And a few electrical connections later, the system will be ready.

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Choose Mitsubishi Electric Systems

Mitsubishi Electric outdoor acThe name Mitsubishi Electric has commanded consumer respect for years. Market leaders in the ductless HVAC technology, Mitsubishi is known for its state of the art energy efficient products. The products are durable, carry the mark of the company’s enviable technological prowess and are built to provide a noiseless efficient operation. When you bring a Mitsubishi product to your home or your office, you know that you are bringing home the trust the brand name effectively commands.

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Use Mitsubishi Products Anywhere and Everywhere

Mitsubishi Electric AC system imageMitsubishi offers its clients an unparalleled range of versatile products, which have been specifically designed to reduce carbon footprint without compromising on the comfort factor. These products can efficiently cool or heat virtually any room under any external conditions. In addition, our products come equipped with an anti-allergen filter that prevents cross-flow and contamination of air. The easy control features helps you maintain a room at the desired temperature very easily.

Older buildings undergoing renovation can be heated/ cooled using our products. That our products do not require the construction of a network of ducts add an edge to our versatility. Thus you can use Mitsubishi HVAC systems even in buildings constructed before air conditioning was unheard of. Thus if you can think of any enclosed place which needs to be heated or cooled (be it a restaurant, a hospital, a home or even a school laboratory), you know that Mitsubishi products can be used there.

Mitsubishi Electric indoor AC: How it works?

The innovative know how and technological expertise of Mitsubishi is well known. The Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & furnace makes efficient use of this prowess to pack in some unique design features. The product can fit into any space, what with the inverter technology being optimized to take up less space. Use of efficient power electronic components lowers losses and increases efficiency. The use of R410A refrigerant also boosts the performance of our products. Apart from being environment friendly (with Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)), R410A also has better heat transfer properties than conventional refrigerants.

Visit www.mitsubishicomfort.com to know more about Mitsubishi Electric Split-Zoning products or to locate an authorized diamond contractor near you.

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