Coleman Air Conditioners

AC Warehouse MI is proud to include the rugged and made in USA Coleman line of home furnace and cooling systems. Coleman manufacturing has been in business for more than 100 years and has manufactured furnace, cooling and ventilation equipment since 1958. Coleman is part of York and Johnson Controls.

About Coleman Air Conditioners

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Coleman markets a “split system” air conditioning unit. This means there are two parts to the system. One part is outdoors and is the cooling part of the system. It cools a refrigerant which then goes indoors and cools air through an indoor furnace or air handler. This cool

air travels through ductwork, makes the temperature inside comfortable, and lowers humidity too.

For homes without ductwork, AC Warehouse MI has Coleman’s mini-split systems. These highly efficient units have the outside unit on a wall of your home in an attractive case that does not block windows. The indoor part of the system is a grill controlled from inside. They have a remote control that is convenient and wireless.

New full-size or mini-split units from Coleman are an efficient way to cool your home.

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Repair or Replace Your Shelby Township Coleman Air Conditioner?

The decision to repair or replace a failing air conditioning unit is huge. After all, an AC system is the largest and most expensive appliance you have. In fact, after buying a home and a car it is often the next largest purchase people face.

The rule of thumb is that an air conditioner over 12 years old is at the end of its service life. Its seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) is most likely around eight. The new models all have a higher SEER, which translates to lower utility bills.

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Authorized Coleman Air Conditioning Repair

AC Warehouse MI is an authorized Coleman air condition repair organization. Experienced service technicians received Coleman training for repair of full-size and mini-split units. Our trucks have the parts that are usually needed for repair and our repairs are quick so we return your unit to sound condition on our first try.

However, AC Warehouse MI knows machines sometimes break at the worst possible time. We offer 24/7 service without overtime charges if you need us on a hot July weekend.

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Authorized Coleman Air Conditioning Maintenance

Prevention is always better than repair. That is why AC Warehouse MI is a certified Coleman air conditioning maintenance contractor. Our Coleman trained technician inspects, tightens, or replaces parts that are likely problems during the AC season. By performing preventive maintenance, we schedule work at your convenience and you stay comfortable in your cool house.

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Choose AC Warehouse for Your HVAC ContractorColeman Air Conditioner

There are a number of reasons to choose AC Warehouse MI for your HVAC needs. We offer the best warranties around on equipment and service, our choice of high quality, energy-efficient air conditioners is huge. We carry only the best, most popular brands. Our service technicians have experience, the right equipment, and are well-trained.

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