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AC Warehouse MI carries the best brands of home cooling equipment for your home or small business. One of those brands is Amana.

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Amana is an old name in the home cooling field. George Foerstner began his company eighty years ago in Amana, Iowa. He built the first dependable beverage cooler. Two years later, he leveraged his cooling knowledge by providing restaurants and stores with walk-in coolers. Following WW II Amana began making furnace and cooling equipment for residential use and the excellence, the company was known for under Foerstner’s leadership continues. Amana makes all its air conditioning products in the United States of America.

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Repair or Replace Your Shelby Township Air Conditioner?Amana Air conditioner Unit

Did you know that one air conditioning season exposes your air conditioner to the same stresses a car incurs when driven 100,000 miles? When folks realize this, they wonder how they can get more than a season or two out of even the most expensive units. We often get service calls for units more than a decade old. If the repair is major, we are usually asked, “repair or replace?” There are many factors that go into that decision, but the most important one is age. Units that are older are less efficient than modern air conditioners. Air conditioners that are more efficient have lower operating costs and you will save on your utility bill. It helps to keep this in mind when figuring your monthly costs for a new unit. Older units tend to develop problems and a season of repair bills could cost almost as much as a new unit without the benefit of lower operating costs. Ultimately, the decision is the homeowners, but AC Warehouse MI answers all your questions and provides free estimates.

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Authorized Amana Air Conditioning Maintenance in Shelby Township

Because your car is an expensive item to buy, you follow the owner’s manual and service it at regular intervals. After your car, your central AC unit is probably your next largest purchase. If a season is equal to 100,000 miles it makes sense to do preventive maintenance at your convenience. Most people have a maintenance call at the beginning and the end of the cooling season. Amana certified AC Warehouse MI as a maintenance provider and our skilled technicians have trained to work on your Amana air conditioner. Scheduling a maintenance call allows you to better control when your system goes down maintenance. It becomes a planned event and not a surprise call that inconveniences you and makes your home uncomfortable.

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AC Warehouse MI wants the reputation as the “go to” HVAC contractor in Shelby Township and surrounding areas. With over thirty years of experience, many of our clients are friends and neighbors. We focus on customer service, offer the warranties, our service technicians are experts in their field. We are available 24/7 and never charge for overtime, we know your emergencies are surprises and do not punish you if they are outside of normal business hours.

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