Guardian Air РAir Purification System

Guardian-air We all know how solving a problem from the root itself is preferable to coming up with different solutions for each of the branches of the problem? It is this philosophy that the Guardian Air has implemented with its air purification system. With this state of the art product, you can now put one air purifier right at the AC Unit inside your house instead of having to install one mini purifier in each room.

GuardianAir2bThe Guardian Air – air purification system creates ionized hydro peroxides using an electromagnetic energy cell. These are then propelled into the duct network of your HVAC system to be circulated around your house, subsequently purifying the air throughout the entire building. The ionized Hydro peroxides are advanced oxidizers that are able to fight pollutant, contaminants, microbes, suspended particulates and even able to prevent odor from creeping into your space.

More than one million units of the Guardian Air have been sold in face of ardent consumer satisfaction. This product has also been the Chinese Government’s weapon of choice to combat the Avian Flu pandemic.

Why do you need the Guardian Air – Air Purification System?

  1. Did you know that according to the EPA and Congress, indoor air pollution is America’s most pressing environmental health problem? Did you know that air pollutants are able to induce allergies, infections and contaminate your living space with harmful microbes?
  2. Or the fact that your traditional air filter cannot trap harmful gases, microbes and viruses that are a major threat to the health of your loved ones?
  3. The Guardian Air – Air Purification System is trusted by millions of consumers throughout the world. It has found takers in all domains ranging from the Medical, health and hospitality to the commercial and military sectors. Top restaurant chains, Super Specialty hospitals, government offices and public schools have opted for the Guardian Air – Air Purification system as an addendum to the Norovirus & MRSA protection plan.
  4. Did you know that this Air Purification System can effectively combat a host of life threatening diseases like Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Norwalk Virus, MRSA, E.coli and Listeria?
  5. Did you know that the Guardian product can protect you from the notorious Sick Building Syndrome? (A situation in which building occupants suffer from acute health and comfort disorder. The vague complaints are suspected to be associated with time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be effectively diagnosed).
  6. The air purification system can prevent mildew, off gases and mold from all and sundry items like carpets, glues and furniture gifting you a smarter building.
  7. It also offers you relief from dust particles, allergens, bacteria, and disgusting odors.
  8. So, install a Guardian Air – air purification system today and breathe a sigh of relief.
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