New Furnace Shelby Township

Winters in Shelby Township are punishing. Your furnace becomes the most important appliance you own. Older furnaces can fail and the decision to repair or replace often is a replacement.

New Furnace Shelby Township by AC Warehouse Michigan

New Furnace Shelby Township


When homeowners or businesses need a new furnace Shelby Township calls A/C Warehouse.
Why is A/C Warehouse the premier furnace contractor in Shelby Township?


We have been installing premium furnaces in Shelby Township for three decades. Our excellent service technicians are factory trained, certified, licensed, and insured. When customers need a new furnace Shelby Township folks know that one call to A/C Warehouse solves their problem.


True, the professional technicians at A/C Warehouse can handle any furnace emergency repair and routine maintenance. We also are expert at new furnace Shelby Township installations for homes and businesses.

New Furnace Shelby Township rebatesWe come to you and carefully assess your furnace needs. We measure the space and make a note of what you do with the heated space. Our experience enables us to suggest the best furnace system for your needs,

Benefits of New furnace

When you buy a new furnace Shelby Township, you measure its efficiency on a scale called the annual fuel efficiency utilization (AFUE).

The closer the rating is to 100 the more efficient the furnace is. An AFUE of 98 means that 98 of the energy used goes for furnace and only 2 percent goes up the chimney. When you buy a new furnace Shelby Township homeowners and businesses get the largest choice of top rated equipment from A/C Warehouse.

Older model furnaces only have AFUE ratings of 56% to 70 percent. Imagine the reduction in your utility bill when you install an affordable unit with an efficiency rating that is so much higher.

Michigan offers tax incentives and rebate programs to help cut the cost of your new system. Check this website for more information,

New Furnace Shelby Township by AC Warehouse Michigan logo imageThe professionals at A/C Warehouse can also give you more information on this topic.

About A/C Warehouse Michigan

When buying a new furnace Shelby Township residents and businesses look to work with people they know. For over thirty years, we worked and established relationships with folks in Shelby Township, Utica, Macomb, Chesterfield, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights and more. As a family owned and operated business, we pride on treating every customer as a friend and neighbor.

We are professional, have fair prices, do the job right the first time, and guarantee all work. If your furnace is acting up, call us now, 586.554.0394.