New Air Conditioner Shelby Township

A new air conditioner Shelby Township is more efficient compared with older air conditioner systems that are now on the market. The savings in energy costs and increased comfort of your home are often good enough reasons to buy a new air conditioner.

New Air Conditioner Shelby Township from AC Warehouse MI

Shelby Township residents and businesses call A/C Warehouse first when deciding on air conditioning replacement.

New Air Conditioner…? How Inefficient is your AC Unit?

New air conditioner Shelby Township imageA new air conditioner Shelby Township is recommended by the United States Department of Energy if your old air conditioner does not meet the SEER rating. The SEER rating is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio to measure AC performance and efficiency for units under 65,000 BTUs. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioning unit. SEER rating is complex, but older AC units have SEER ratings of below 13, while units made after January, 2006 start with SEER ratings of 13 and some new high-efficiency units have SEER ratings in the high teens or low twenties.

A new air conditioner Shelby Township typically has a SEER of 18, which costs only $6,000 to run over the ac unit’s lifetime. An air conditioner with a SEER of 13 will cost a over $10 thousand to run over the life of the ac unit.  It is easy to see how residents of Shelby Township can save large amounts of money by replacing older AC units with high-efficiency units.

For more information on how SEER ratings figure into choosing a new air conditioner Shelby Township Residents call the experts at A/C Warehouse at 586.554.0394. Our expert staff is eager to answer your questions.

New Air Conditioner time? Signs That Your AC Needs Replacement.

How do you know that you need a new air conditioner? Shelby Township residents look for the following:
  1. The need for frequent air conditioner repairs is a sure sign that you are stalling the inevitable replacement of your air conditioner. As repairs become frequent, they usually become more expensive. In the end, a new air conditioner Shelby Township is less costly than constant repairs and your place will be more comfortable.
  2. Inconsistent temperatures: If some rooms are comfortable and others are too cold or too warm, your air-conditioning unit might be malfunctioning. Call us and let us check your existing system. Our number is 586.554.0394.
  3. Aging air conditioners also need frequent repairs. A unit more than ten years old is near the end of its life. Do not waste money on more repairs. When faced with the need for a new air conditioner Shelby Township residents call the A/C Warehouse at 586.554.0394.

When buying a new air conditioner Shelby Township residents and businesses look to work with people they know. For over thirty years, we worked and established relationships with folks in Shelby Township, Utica, Macomb, Chesterfield, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights and more. As a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on treating every customer as a friend and neighbor.
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