Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is very critical to get maximum thermal output from your furnace system and you need an expert like A/C Warehouse Michigan to do exactly that in Shelby Township and Macomb County.

Why furnace Maintenance is so important?

Your HVAC is just like anything mechanical. Its prolonged use and daily wear and tear is bound to decrease its efficiency over the time. Result? More consumption of power, less and imbalanced furnace and ultimate breakdown. So, it is always better to have a regular and periodic furnace maintenance.

At A/C Warehouse Michigan, we are very serious HVAC professionals that are factory trained, well versed with the latest tools and technologies, experienced, licensed and insured who have the expertise to handle every model/ brand of furnace systems you may have. If you haven’t thought about maintaining your heat pump or furnace, call us today for the same and be assured that your system is in right hands.

Checklist for Preventive furnace Maintenance

Depending upon the HVAC system you have installed at your home in Shelby Township and Macomb County, our expert technician will go through following tasks as a standard routine during our detailed maintenance procedure…

  • Checking and adjusting thermostat settings and other controls of system
  • Inspection and tightening of power connections
  • Proper lubrication of all moving parts
  • Checking and adjusting level of refrigerant
  • Proper cleaning of condenser, evaporator coils, drain pans and blower components
  • Inspection, replacement of cleaning of air filters according to the specified norms
  • Inspection of fuel system, ignition system, burners and heat exchangers
  • Inspection of fan belts and their replacement if necessary
  • In case of gas furnace, checking of furnace system for any possible leakage
  • Inspection, cleaning and fixing leakage if any in ductwork
  • Checking the insulation parameters for furnace the workspace in question
  • Other tasks like measurement of indoor and outdoor bulbs, system pressures and ventilation systems

After a through preventive furnace maintenance routine, our master technician will also suggest recommended repairs or replacements you need to further enhance the efficiency of your furnace system.

Our A/C Warehouse team can spot issues with your furnace system during your scheduled maintenance so that you can easily avoid the major HVAC problems. Moreover, if there is an emergency scenario any time then you will be always placed at top on our priority list. So, what you are waiting for? Call us now for your furnace maintenance and keep your system at optimum performance!

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