Furnace Replacement

Things we do not see on a regular basis tend to be forgotten. Most homeowners tend to take their furnaces for granted, and pay little attention to them. After all, they are usually hidden in a closet or in the basement. Out of sight – out of mind. When the temperature outdoors is well below zero and the indoor temperature is only a few degrees warmer, at that point, the furnace has our attention. Call AC Warehouse. If your furnace needs replacement we can often do the job the same day, so your home will be cozy and warm at the end of the day.

Furnace Replacement Help

In most homes, furnace installations deliver heat, but in many homes they deliver heat inefficiently. Older furnaces, manufactured before the late 1970s have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of around 65 percent. Now, laws mandate that the least AFUE is 78 percent, and manufacturers make equipment that has near perfect efficiency with ratings of 98 percent. It is true that a furnace with an exceptionally high AFUE may cost more than one that is lower, but the difference is quickly made up by the savings enjoyed with lower utility bills that are ongoing.

Rebates and Loans

Speaking of costs, most utility companies in Michigan offer rebates on new, fuel-efficient furnace installations. Check the DSIRE site to see if your utility offers rebates and what the qualifications are. In addition, Michigan offers 7 percent loans for a term of one to ten years and in amounts of $1,000 to $20,000 for home energy efficiency improvement. More information is on this page of the DSIRE site.

Repair or Replace

It is tempting to go ahead and complete a nominal furnace repair on an inefficient older unit. But older units tend to break down often and parts are more difficult to come by as units grow older. It does not take long for a few “nominal repairs” to add up to the cost of a replacement unit. In addition, when you fix an older unit, the efficiency is never higher than when it was originally made, so you continue to pay more for utility bills. Also, repairs, unlike replacement allows you no rebates or low-interest loans with a generous repayment schedule. Sure, AC Warehouse guarantees the repairs we make, but only the repairs not the entire unit – so, it could be a short time before you call us out again. Call AC Warehouse at 586 554 0394 for all your furnace replacement needs in Shelby Township and Macomb County.