Furnace Repair Shelby Township

Furnace repair in Shelby Township is often necessary during the long and cold winter months. There is almost no downtime for your home or business furnace. Furnaces working hard every day, often need repair, for furnace repair Shelby Township home and business owners turn to A/C Warehouse.

Furnace Repair in Shelby Township

furnace-repair-shelby-township-specialAC Warehouse has provided furnace repair in Shelby Township and Macomb County for three decades. A/C Warehouse is family owned and operated and provides expert, professional furnace repair at affordable prices. Having been part of the Shelby Township community for so long, we think of our customers as friends and neighbors. We guarantee everything we do.

Our professional furnace and cooling service technicians have completely stocked trucks so that repairs on your furnace go forward without waiting for a part.

Signs you Need Furnace Repair

Following are some tips to help you understand when you need a furnace repair. When people need furnace repair Shelby Township residents and businesses call A/C Warehouse.

Yellow Pilot Light

Your furnace pilot light should always burn blue. A yellow pilot light that flickers is a warning that carbon monoxide gas is leaking from the heat exchanger. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and in high doses is lethal. Until A/C Warehouse repairs your furnace, leave the house.

Unusual Noise

Your home is not haunted. Those strange bangs, ticks, squeals, and scrapes coming from your furnace are a sure sign that your furnace may need repair.

Ongoing Cycling

If your furnace runs for a short while, then stops and then starts again, your home is uncomfortable and your furnace needs repairs. Cycling is often a sign that your thermostat is not working correctly, or there is a problem with the pilot light, ignition, the fan motor, or unit wiring.

High Energy Bills

If your energy bills are on an upward trajectory, an underlying problem is affecting your furnace’s efficiency.

Problems with Airflow

Cool air from ducts or air leaving the duct with little force is often a sign that your fan motor has a problem or the ducts have leaks. These conditions raise your utility bills and make your place uncomfortable.

The Right Service Technician Make the Difference

furnace-repair-shelby-township_Before-AfterA/C Warehouse has the best-trained technicians in Shelby Township. Their credentials include:
* Factory trained
* Licensed
* Insured
* Experienced
* Knowledgeable about local building codes

These are the reasons why when a property owner needs a furnace repair Shelby Township residents and businesses call the A/C Warehouse first — they know it is the only call they need to make. Our number for furnace repair is 586.554.0394.