Furnace Repair Shelby Township Before and After

Before and After Furnace repair in Shelby Township

Furnace Repair Shelby Township Before and After case study by AC Warehouse MI. Here is a before and after photo of a recent furnace repair in Shelby Township performed by AC Warehouse MI.

furnace repair Shelby Township before and after photo

When the client turned on the furnace for the first time this year, a strong burning odor filled the house. In most cases, this smell is simply from dust that has accumulated over the year while the burner has been inactive. When the furnace is turned on, the burner ignites and burns off the dust particles, which results in a temporary burning smell that usually dissipates after 30 minutes to an hour.

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In the case of this particular furnace repair client, the burning odor was much more serious than mere dust particles burning off. The furnace was over twenty years old and had malfunctioning components. These malfunctions caused the furnace to become inoperable and beyond furnace repair. A furnace replacement was required.

AC Warehouse MI was called to perform the furnace repair in Shelby Township, MI. Upon inspecting the old burned out furnace, it was obvious that malfunctioning  furnace components were to blame. And because the existing furnace was very old with outdated parts, a complete furnace replacement was the most cost effective solution in the long run.

“I am surprised by how much of a difference a new furnace makes in regards to heating my house. It heats my house much more efficiently. There are no more cold areas in the house, and my monthly heating bill has dropped.” — AC Warehouse Customer

If your furnace emits an odor for more than an hour, that may be a sign that you need furnace repair or replacement. AC Warehouse MI performs furnace repair in Shelby Township, and can install a new furnace at a very reasonable price. Check out AC Warehouse’s Specials page for money saving discounts on furnace repair Shelby Township.

Our team of professionally trained technicians has years of experience installing, inspecting, maintaining and repairing furnaces in the greater Shelby Township area and beyond. For more details on our services or to schedule an appointment for furnace or A/C repair, please contact the experts at A/C and Heating Warehouse today.

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