Air Conditioning Repair Shelby Township

Shelby Township, MI – Once the weather warms up, homes with older people with breathing problems or anyone with allergies rely on air conditioning to keep allergens and other air contaminants out of the house. You may run your air when it is only marginally cool.

Servicing your air conditioning system during its downtime is more convenient than doing so during the air conditioning season since having it off is not a bother to you or members of your family.

Even if you think your air conditioning problem is small, letting it go is never a good idea. Overlooking a small repair can lead to a major repair and even replacement of your system.

Check the following symptoms, if you experienced any of them, call us at AC Warehouse, Michigan so one of our well-trained technicians can come to your home or business, inspect your system, and repair it. Signs that your unit needs work:

  • Less than normal airflow from registers
  • Unusual noises from the air conditioning unit
  • Moldy odors from the ducts when running the air conditioning
  • Constantly tripping of your air-conditioning unit circuit breaker (or fuses keep blowing out)
  • When you run your air conditioner unit you see ice on the unit or pipes inside or outside of the building

If your air conditioning and furnace share ducts, do not be concerned if you noticed an unusual odor when you first turned on the heat. It most likely came from dust on the furnace coil and likely already has dissipated.

When our technicians come to your premise, they get right to work. We do the repair the right way the first time. Our trucks have nearly every part needed for repairs.

About AC Warehouse, Michigan

After your home and car, your air conditioning system is often the most expensive appliance you own. When your AC unit shows signs that it needs repairs call AC Warehouse at 586.554.0394 in Shelby Township 586.554.0394 for Macomb County.

When folks need an air conditioning repair Shelby Township home and business owners call AC Warehouse Michigan.

Do not wait until warm weather when it is likely that there will be a wait. Repair your AC unit now. We guarantee all repairs. We guarantee your satisfaction. We have more than thirty years’ experience as furnace and air conditioning contractors. We are a family owned business and enjoy wonderful relationships with the friends and neighbors with whom we do business. Our numbers are: AC Warehouse 586.554.0394 in Shelby Township and 586.554.0394 for Macomb County.

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